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How to buy crypto from SecuX hardware wallets?

How to buy crypto from SecuX hardware wallets?
– a step-by-step guide to buy crypto from Coinify

You can now buy the following cryptocurrencies on your SecuX hardware wallet via Coinify:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Ethereum (ETH)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Stellar (XLM)
Litecoin (LTC)
Compound (COMP) ERC-20
Chainlink (LINK) ERC-20
Polygon (MATIC) ERC-20
Uniswap (UNI) ERC-20
USD coin (USDC) ERC-20
Tether (USDT) ERC-20

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1. Unlock your SecuX device and go to SecuXess or SecuX Mobile App.

2. Click on the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase and select an account, or create an account.

3. Click on “Buy” to buy crypto with Coinify*.

* You will be redirected to a third-party website. You agree that your use of Third Party Services is subject to separate terms and conditions between you and the third party identified in SecuXess or SecuX Mobile App. See SecuXess and SecuX Mobile App Terms of Use for more information.

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Get Started

1. Enter the amount and select the fiat currency of your transaction.

2. Enter the amount and select the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase.

buy crypto 3 1

3. Log into your Coinify account or create a new account.

Buy Crypto Get started4

4. Once you are logged in, verify your transaction detail and click “Continue.”

Buy Crypto Get started5

5. Select your preferred payment option.

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Go To Payment

Verify transaction details of your order summary, then click “Go To Payment” to retrieve the receiving address from your SecuX device.

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Confirm Receiving Address

1. Please verify that this receiving address matches the address displayed on your SecuX device.

2. Press YES on your device if the 2 addresses are identical;
Press NO if the address is different from the address shown on your device, and contact for further assistance.

Buy Crypto Confirm Address2 2
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Next Steps

Carefully read through and understand Coinify’s important information before you continue.

Buy Crypto Next Steps 1

Card Details

Enter your credit card/ bank transfer details, verify your transaction order, and proceed with payment.

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Complete Order

Once the order is received with the reserved payment, Coinify would send the cryptocurrency to your SecuX wallet address. This may take up to 30 minutes for the funds to reflect in your wallet.

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Confirm Received Funds

1. Connect your device to your computer via Bluetooth or USB connection.

2. Select the cryptocurrency in which you should receive funds.

3. Click on “Refresh” on the upper right corner.

4. Confirm balance in the account information.

NOTE: Transactions on blockchain network takes around 5-10 minutes or longer to complete, depending on network traffic.

IMPORTANT: If your funds did not show up in your account after a considerable amount of time, contact your sender’s service provider or our customer service before sending funds again to avoid gas fee charges of unsuccessful transactions.

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