SecuX iFun Kaohsiung App Crypto Mobile Payment Reward Points

iFun Kaohsiung App Integrates with SecuX STREAM Crypto Payment Solution for Night Market

Successful Case of Night Market – iFun Kaohsiung App

iFun Kaohsiung App provides mobile crypto payment services for Kaohsiung night market vendors using iFun brand tokens through SecuX STREAM Crypto Payment Solution. By using blockchain and iFun tokens, building the smart tourism ecosystem. Utilizing reward points economy, iFun Kaohsiung App can attract tourists to the night market and increases vendors’ sales revenue.

Tourists can download iFun Kaohsiung App, register App account and get 50 point iFun tokens. They can use credit card to buy iFun tokens online or pay in cash at night market service center.

Real Scenario in Using SecuX StreamPro Payment Terminal

Real Sceanario of SecuX StreamPro Payment Terminals

After a vendor enters price for accepting payments using reward points, a tourist can use iFun Kaohsiung App to scan QR code and choose to pay with iFun tokens, and make a rapid transaction safely.

Real Scenario in Using SecuX StreamMini Payment Terminal

A tourist can use iFun Kaohsiung App to scan QR code, enter price by himself and pay the iFun tokens to a vendor easily.