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SecuX Introducing the Ultra-Slim Biometric Cold Wallet at TOKEN 2049

SecuX Introducing the Ultra-Slim Biometric Cold Wallet at TOKEN 2049

The digital age we live in has reshaped how we perceive value. With the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies, the emphasis on their secure storage has never been higher. Enter SecuX, the beacon of innovation in the blockchain security realm.

Smart Contracts Explained

Contract law and contractual agreements have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. Traditionally, a contract may need to be enforced by a third party in case participants do...

Thu, Jun 01, 23

Cryptocurrency Transaction Fees

When using a hardware wallet to transfer cryptocurrencies, it’s important to consider the transaction fees, also known as gas fees. Gas fees are the amount paid to miners to include...

Thu, Oct 14, 21


On the first day of 2021, Cardano (ADA) was only priced at $0.1753. After a sustained rally in July/August 2021, Ada became the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap (following Bitcoin...

Fri, Aug 27, 21

Coins vs Tokens

SecuX wallets support over 10,000 different types of coins and tokens on many different chains. But did you know there are differences between the two? Coins Coins refer to the...

Fri, Aug 27, 21

What is Cryptocurrency?

When Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in 2009, he also created the first blockchain network. Today, there are thousands of different blockchains and cryptocurrencies in the world. So what is a...

Fri, Aug 13, 21