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How to use my iPhone/iPad on SecuX wallet through Bluetooth?

The iPhone or iPad requires version iOS 9 or newer. Please refer to the following steps for connection:
(1) Download SecuXcess APP from Apple Store.
(2) Enable Bluetooth function on both SecuX wallet and iOS device.
(3) Activate SecuXcess APP and select SecuX Wallet to connect.
(4) Enter One Time Password shown on the host device display.


Is using the Bluetooth function safe during crypto transactions?

A SecuX wallet is equipped with an Infineon CC EAL5+ Secure Element chip that safely carries your PIN code and Private Key. When the Bluetooth function is activated or running, the wallet connects to your host device. The MCU is the chip which is accessed by your host device for data transit. While this occurs, your private key for transaction signatures remains protected inside the security chip which is never accessed during this process and will not be susceptible to any attacks from outside the wallet.

What is the security certification of SE (secure element) on SecuX wallets?

The Secure Element has been rated as CC EAL5+. CC EAL5+ certification indicates that a product has passed security tests and holds to a particular standard of protection; EAL5 is equivalent to semi-formally designed and tested while “+” implies one or more additions to the EAL base level rating.

How can I upgrade my SecuX wallet to the latest version?

Please connect to the SecuXcess site and access into your account. Click on “settings”, and a General and Update tab will appear. Click Update and follow the steps to update your wallet to the latest firmware.


In my SecuX wallet, how do I create my own account for any type of coins and tokens?

The SecuX wallet uses a chrome-based web-wallet platform “SecuXcess” to transact Bitcoins and Altcoins, and it supports 7 main coins and ERC-20 tokens (1,040+). SecuXcess lists the top 10 ERC-20 tokens to facilitate easy token account management. Users can also customize other ERC-20 tokens on the SecuXcess website.

Is my SecuX wallet PIN secure enough?

When you set a PIN on the SecuX wallet, it requires 4 to 8 digits to be entered as a PIN. Every time users enter or use the device, this PIN code will be required. 5 incorrect inputs of the security code and the device will reset. A dynamic keypad is implemented here to avoid accurately tracing fingerprints left on the screen in case it gets stolen or if someone nearby attempts to observe and visually steal your PIN.

What does “Idle time to log out expired” mean?

If you set “Idle time to log-out” under Settings, you may choose a preferred idle time to log-out. This is a security feature that is present on all of our SecuX wallets. Any log-out actions will disconnect your wallet from a connected host device. If you need more time for a transaction, please set a longer time to avoid any interruptions during your transaction.

How does the phrase (24 word in SecuX wallet) seed code work?

SecuX Crypto Hardware Wallet uses a hierarchical deterministic wallet architecture and is compliant with BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44 Protocol. Once you initiate the device, it will generate a 24-word seed phrase that should only be written on a recovery sheet and kept in a very safe place. The architecture is based on BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44 protocol so that users can swap from any brand of hardware wallets that is made using the same architecture. This way, even if our company no longer exists, users are still able to recover their data and load it onto a new hardware wallet with their 24-word seed phrases.

What should I do if I forgot my PIN?

Find your recovery sheet. You need to recover your account on the device with a 24 word phrase. Input the wrong or incorrect PIN 5 times will cause the device to reset. Choose “Recover from an existing account” then enter the 24 words in the order they are written.

Why is my wallet always “logged out”?

Please check the “Settings” mode to see how long you set the “idle time to power off” and the “idle time to log-out” and make sure that you have given yourself enough time. As a security feature on SecuX wallet, the default time-frame on the “idle time to power-off” is 30 minutes, while the “idle time to log-out” is 10 minutes. Please note that log-out will disconnect your wallet from a connected host device. If you need more time for a transaction, please set a longer time-frame to avoid any interruptions during your transactions.

What are the differences between “Idle time to Power off” and “Idle time to Log-out”?

SecuX wallet defaults to a 10 minute timer to log-out of the account. When this occurs, the connection is discontinued as well. As a security feature, you will have to re-enter the PIN (screen is on) to access to the account. The device will automatically power off after 30 minutes of idle time. This power-saving design has 30 minutes set as the default time for “Idle to Power off”.