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What are the IP ratings of SecuX Crypto Wallets?

Currently there is no water or dust proofing treatments available for SecuX wallets. Please take good care of them during day-to-day use, storage and in transit.

What is the battery life of the V20 and the W20?

The V20 and the W20 are embedded with a 600mAh Li-Polymer battery. The device should last up to 7 hours “working” (engaging in transactions) and at least 3 months when idle on a full charge. The battery can be easily recharged by connecting the USB Type C port (V20) or USB Micro-B (W20) port to the USB port of a powered host device (desktop computer or laptop) or via a powered USB adapter. The battery cannot be replaced independently of the device for security reasons.

How long does it take to have a fully charged battery in a SecuX wallet?

It takes two hours to have a full charge.

When I use a USB cable connect to the host, I cannot find my named wallet, but the display shows an “unknown Nordic Device”. Is this normal? Where the connection to my wallet? Is my data safe?

If your wallet is the only wallet connecting to the host device, the listed “unknown Nordic Device” is your wallet. The shown wallet name is defined from the Google web USB. Despite not being named correctly, the SecuX wallet is still functioning and your data is still safe.

What version of Bluetooth do SecuX wallets use?

SecuX wallets use Bluetooth 5.0 module and also support Low Energy 5.0.