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SecuX Crypto Hardware Wallets V20, W20 and W10 Ranked #4, #7 and #8 among Ezvid Wiki’s Top 10 Best Bitcoin Wallets 2020

SecuX Crypto Hardware Wallets V20, W20 and W10 Ranked #4, #7 and #8 among Ezvid Wiki’s Top 10 Best Bitcoin Wallets 2020

Hsinchu, Taiwan, May 20, 2020 — SecuX Technology Inc., a blockchain security company, is very delighted that SecuX Crypto Hardware Wallets V20, W20 and W10 ranked #4, #7 and #8 among the Top 10 Best Bitcoin Wallets 2020 by Ezvid Wiki. The video Wiki can be viewed here:

Ezvid Wiki Youtube

Founded in 2011, Ezvid Wiki was the world’s first video Wiki, and till today it has been listed one of the top 3,000 websites in the United States. Its YouTube Channel has nearly 600,000 subscribers, more than 325 million views since founding, and has informed over $250 million in purchasing decisions to date.

Compiled with eighteen hours of research, this newly published Wiki in its mobile electronics category is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of bitcoin wallet options that is available to consumers in the United States. Undoubtedly SecuX V20, W20 and W10 are the best recommended bitcoin wallets to safeguard the crypto assets with a CC EAL5+ vault grade Security Element for the cryptocurrency holders. SecuX bitcoin wallets supports cross-border and peer-to-peer crypto asset transactions for foreign workers and cryptocurrency investors to work from home easily and do the transactions. Meanwhile, SecuX launched world’s first new Crypto Payment Solution, which is the best way of faster deployment and lower operation cost to support payment service brand approaching all kinds physical scenario. With contactless payments, SecuX Payment Solution will bring the great user experience from mobile payment and online payment providers to physical retail business by easier setup, faster deployment, more secure, and multiple APP-centric Technology. For contactless technology, Touch-Free Retail Payment Solution can be viewed here:

SecuX V20 Hardware

SecuX V20, Top 4 Best Bitcoin Wallets 2020

  • Large full-color touchscreen
  • Bluetooth and physical connectivity
  • Native support for BNB and XRP
SecuX W20 Hardware

SecuX W20, Top 7 Best Bitcoin Wallets 2020

  • Embedded lithium polymer battery
  • Cross-platform support
  • Comes in tamper-resistant packaging
SecuX W10 Hardware

SecuX W10, Top 8 Best Bitcoin Wallets 2020

  • Supports most of the top 10 coins
  • Associated app is very simple to use
  • Requires USB connectivity

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