SecuX iOS Mobile App New Design

SecuX iOS Mobile App New Design for Hardware Wallets

On November 3, 2021, SecuX released a new iOS SecuX Mobile App version 1.10.0, featuring a sleek, dark and brand new design to align with the company’s new corporate visuals. SecuX’s official website and their web-based application SecuXess had both gone through a series of design makeovers, to offer their users and website visitors a more appealing and friendly experience navigating through the wonders of crypto.

The new iOS App presents a jet black background, illuminated vectors and texts, accented with the corporate brand color yellow. The polished new look not only fine tuned a more sophisticated visual interface, but improved on many icons, buttons and messages for a more intuitive user experience.

For instance the “ADD TOKEN” button is highlighted on every ETH and BSC account visible in the portfolio, so users can easily add their favorite ERC-20 or BEP-20 tokens. Also, other commonly used functions such as create account, wallet sync, QR code scanner and the search bar have also been reorganized, redesigned and highlighted to be even more self-explanatory and evident, for beginners as well as experienced crypto lovers.

iOS SecuX Mobile App Version: 1.10.0
Release Date: 06:00 EST, November 3, 2021

Update includes:
1. User interface redesign
2. BEP-20 token support list update
3. App functions improvement