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SecuX Web Application Renamed SecuXess

SecuX Official Announcement – SecuX Web Application Renamed SecuXess

Due to a high number of confusion and misconception that our web application stores customers’ crypto assets, SecuX Technology Inc. has decided to rename the web application from “My Wallet” to “SecuXess” as of 06:00 EDT April 14, 2021, to avoid further misunderstanding of its functions. The current URL will still be valid and redirected to for the time being until further notice. Both URLs are securely operated by SecuX Technology Inc.

SecuX website, web wallet application (SecuXess) and mobile apps (SecuX Mobile App) are interactive platforms that allow users to operate commands such as send, receive and manage digital assets, as well as retrieve and synchronize balance information and transaction history associated with your private key. SecuX websites, web wallet application and SecuX Mobile Apps do NOT store any private keys, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, funds or personal information.

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