Beware of phishing attacks, SecuX will never ask for your 24 word recovery seed phrase. Never share them.

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SecuX W20 + X-SEED PLUS | Deluxe Backup Set

A deluxe protection when storing your private key for your digital assets, with SecuX W20 hardware wallet and X-SEED PLUS multiple backups of your recovery seed phrase.

Vault-grade Hardware Wallet for NFT and Crypto

Lightweight and durable, W20 is the ultimate wallet for urban nomads.

• Certified CC EAL5+ • Large Touchscreen
• Color display • Hands-on Clear-sign
• 10,000+ coins/tokens • NFT supported
• Multi-chain • Mobile iOS / Android
• Bluetooth • WalletConnect
• Web-based App • USB Micro-B
• Dynamic PIN Entry • Passphrase
• Up to 500 accounts • MetaMask integration (QR-based)
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Stainless Steel Seed Phrase Storage & Punch Set

Store your seed phrase on stainless steel with precision to protect your assets using our award-winning solution.

• Offline • Hot wallet OK
• Waterproof • Cold wallet OK
• Fireproof • Engraver
• Tamper-proof • Protective case
• Steel punch set & guide

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Ultimate Security

Ultimate Security

Certified CC EAL5+
Infineon Solid Flash CC EAL5+ Secure Element (SE) chip embeded

Offline and Unhackable

Store your private key offline away from hacking threats and phishing attacks.

Hands-on Clear-sign

- Clear-view display of transaction details
- Hands-on device authorization

PIN protected

- Dynamic keypad for PIN entry
- Automatic reset after 5 unsuccessful PIN entries

Unhackable Offline Storage

Unhackable Offline Storage

Store your seed phrase offline, off the radar and out of reach from hackers and attackers on the internet.

Fireproof & Waterproof

Compatible with Hot & Cold wallets

Fast & Easy Setup

Easy to use

Large Color Touchscreen

2.8 inch large touchscreen allows secure, easy and instant verification

SecuX W20

View Balance On-device

Browse portfolio and account balances directly on your hardware wallet*

10000+ Coins & Tokens Support

Manage 10,000+ coins and tokens on over 300 chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USDC, BNB, XRP, Cardano, Polygon, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Solana, Tron, Litecoin, Avalanche etc.

Setup in seconds

MetaMask Support

Connect to MetaMask via QR-based linking


Fast & easy access to DeFi & marketplace


Connect to mobile or desktop


Bluetooth5 / USB Type-C enabled

Store safe, pay smart

SecuX W20

Extra Mile for Safety

The extra step of a physical verification on SecuX cold wallets means you go the extra mile to protect your coins.

SecuX W20

Total Security Solution

SecuX offers a complete cold storage solution to generate and store your private key OFFLINE away from hacking threats.

Your keys, your coins

Generate and store your seed phrase and private key offline and secure

Ultimate Hackproof Solution

Cold Wallet

Generate private key offline with a cold wallet


Store your seed phrase offline with X-SEED


Complete COLD & OFFLINE security

Multiple seed phrase capacity

X-SEED Plus can store up to 96 words
= 8 sets of 12-word seed phrase
= 4 sets of 24-word seed phrase

Compatible with Hot and Cold wallets

Fast and easy setup

XSEED Plus Stamping


You can stamp English letters with a hammer and steel punch set to record your recovery words.

Stainless Steel Seed

XSEED Plus Engraving


Use the engraver to write down your recovery words in the correct order on the aluminum sheet.

Aluminum Seed

Fireproof & Waterproof


Industrial-grade stainless steel plates can resist fire and temperature as high as 2649 °F / 1454 °C.


Unlike wriiten down on paper, your stamped or engraved seed phrase letters would not get damaged or washed away.