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Hidden Wallet is an Advanced Feature

The hidden wallet is an advanced feature that enables extra protection to your crypto assets. It requires a personal passphrase to compute and generate an extra wallet that exists parallel to the one you had already set up. The passphrase is a combination of 1-99 English letters and numbers of your choosing, and serves as a second-factor protection to the 24 recovery words. When recovering the hidden wallet, it requires not only the 24 recovery words but also your unique passphrase. However, on a daily basis, you would simply access the hidden wallet with its unique PIN (set up by you and must be different from the first wallet PIN) and can add up to 500 accounts and have your crypto assets stored and hidden away securely.

Why will Bitcoin’s price peak at $328K in Oct 2021? -Unveiling the secret pattern of its rise and fall

Devoted over 30 years of experience in technology industries and investment market analysis, SecuX CEO Dr. Peter Chen has discovered a pattern to decode Bitcoin’s rise and fall.

Which is Safer? Hardware vs Software Wallet

Crypto wallets are software, apps or devices that securely store private and public keys of your cryptocurrencies. The wallets communicate with the blockchain network to perform transactions, sending and receiving digital assets with the authorization of the private keys stored within.

iFun Kaohsiung App Integrates with SecuX STREAM Crypto Payment Solution for Night Market

iFun Kaohsiung App provides mobile crypto payment services for Kaohsiung night market vendors using iFun brand tokens through SecuX STREAM Crypto Payment Solution. By using blockchain and iFun tokens, building the smart tourism ecosystem. Utilizing reward points economy, iFun Kaohsiung App can attract tourists to the night market and increases vendors’ sales revenue.

SecuX newsletter : SecuX Launches Payment Solution Ushering the Future of Facebook Diem in Offline Retail Payment

SecuX Launches Payment Solution Ushering the Future of Facebook Diem in Offline Retail Payment. SecuX StreamPro Payment Terminal is natively designed for Facebook Diem coin and cryptocurrency. SecuX Payment Solution Free Evaluation that could be turning point for billions of people to accept payment in offline retail scenarios with secure and affordable payment service everywhere.