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iFun Kaohsiung App Integrates with SecuX STREAM Crypto Payment Solution for Night Market

iFun Kaohsiung App provides mobile crypto payment services for Kaohsiung night market vendors using iFun brand tokens through SecuX STREAM Crypto Payment Solution. By using blockchain and iFun tokens, building the smart tourism ecosystem. Utilizing reward points economy, iFun Kaohsiung App can attract tourists to the night market and increases vendors’ sales revenue.

SecuX newsletter : SecuX Launches Payment Solution Ushering the Future of Facebook Diem in Offline Retail Payment

SecuX Launches Payment Solution Ushering the Future of Facebook Diem in Offline Retail Payment. SecuX StreamPro Payment Terminal is natively designed for Facebook Diem coin and cryptocurrency. SecuX Payment Solution Free Evaluation that could be turning point for billions of people to accept payment in offline retail scenarios with secure and affordable payment service everywhere.

The Edge Computing endpoints and Defense-in-Depth Network security issues and recent developments

Edge computing utilizes the distributed technology, including distributed networking, computing nodes, storage resources as well as hardware safety control units and technological integration present in devices and equipment. Devices or equipment for edge computing prioritize the processing of data or information from multiple end nodes or equipment and then send the data or information back to the cloud environment. Contrary to the traditional basic cloud computing environment, it uses the concept of the centralized computing environment in which all data are analyzed and processed on the cloud.

Protection Strategies Against Hacking and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT attacks) in Blockchain Ecosystems

After over a decade of development and evolution, the global blockchain ecosystem in 2020 now includes a multitlde of businesses and enterprises, for example, information system integrators, integrators of fintech, financial holdings, banks, life insurance companies, and other financial technology industries.

Technology Innovator Awards Blockchain Security Company of the Year 2020

With security standards ever higher, the importance of blockchain technology has never been clearer. This innovative approach to protecting data and business transactions has the potential to revolutionize many industries. The team at SecuX Technology Inc. have committed themselves to offering the answer to businesses when it comes to this emergent way of working. Having achieved such success, we profile them in this special issue of Corporate Vision.