SecuX Mobile App

SecuX Mobile App enables you to manage your cryptocurrencies with SecuX V20 and SecuX W20 Hardware Wallets through iPhones or iPads easily and safely.

SecuX V20 equipped with SecuX Mobile App

SecuX W20 equipped with SecuX Mobile App

Key Features

Intuitive Design

The SecuX crypto wallet app for iOS with an intuitive and user friendly interface. Less is more. The tangible icons of artistic ideas in user interface design, including Portfolio, Send and Receive of the main menu function buttons. It makes a more effective way to touch the icons into the digital money world.

Easy to Use

It enables you access and make a cryptocurrency transaction everywhere you go by SecuX Mobile iOS App. You can manage your digital assets and make digital live mobility as convenient as possible. Even without connecting to a SecuX device, you can just enter the password and view all of the account balances at a glance.

Secure Your Private Key

It allows you to keep your private key secured in SecuX hardware wallets all the time. SecuX Mobile iOS App can connect your SecuX V20 or SecuX W20 Hardware Wallet via Bluetooth to manage and transact your Bitcoins and Altcoins without exposing your private key in a danger place.

Cryptocurrency Support

Bitcoin Cash
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