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Device Settings

Make sure the tamper-resistant-labels are intact, have not been broken, torn, or tampered with, both on the box and device’s USB port.

Device Settings top

All NFTs added to the Favorites folder on SecuX Wallet App, can be downloaded and synchronized to SecuX Nifty hardware wallet.

My Favorites

1. SecuX Nifty supports NFTs, coins and tokens on Ethereum, Polygon and BNB chain (BSC).

2. Select the network to get your receiving address. Your receiving address is now shown on the device.


Tap Setting. You can Change PIN, Lock Time, Language, Seed Check, About or Reset Wallet.


1. Go to Setting > tap Change PIN. You can change your device PIN in this function.

2. Enter your current PIN first and tap Done. Then set your new PIN and tap Set. The PIN must be a set of 4-8 digit number.

Change PIN

1. Go to Setting > tap Lock Time. You can change your screen lock time in this function.

2. Select a 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 mins lock time you prefer.

Lock Time

1. Go to Setting > tap Language.

2. Select a system language you prefer.


1. Go to Setting > tap Seed Check. You can verify that you’ve correctly saved your recovery words using the Seed Check function.

2. Select your recovery words in the correct order to confirm seed.

Seed Check

1. Go to Setting > tap About. Firmware Version – current firmware versions of the Secure Element (SE) and the device MCU (micro controller unit) information which you may need for firmware upgrades and technical support.

2. Regulation – FCC and CE regulation compliant information.


Go to Setting > tap Reset. If you want to restore your device to factory settings, tap Confirm.

Note: All content including PIN, seed and history will be erased and restored to factory default settings. This action cannot be reversed or canceled.