Dr. Peter Chen

Founder & CEO

After graduating from Electrical Engineering Department of National Tsinghua University and MBA of National Taiwan University, Dr. Chen went to University of Wisconsin to study for a Master's degree in Computer Engineering. He then obtained his PhD in Management Science from National Chiao Tung University.

Dr. Chen served as General Manager of Mustek Systems USA and Europe subsidiaries for many years. In 1997, he founded Aiptek International and listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2003, the company’s main products are consumer digital cameras/digital camcorders. Aiptek successfully distributes own-brand products to more than 60 countries globally and becomes top 3 consumer DC/DV brand in many regions. He is also Chairman of Chiwan ConVestMent for the time being, with a focus on relevant investments in AI and Blockchain.

Dr. Chen is a founding member of Tsing Hua 100 People's Association. He is honored as an outstanding alumnus of Tsing Hua University Taiwan, a National Distinguish Manager of Business Managers Association and a Winner of Entrepreneurship Association Award. He specializes in International Business Management, FinTech and Supply Chain Management.

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