Dr. Woody Cheng

CIPO (Intellectual property) & Business Development

Dr. Cheng received a Bachelor and Master Degree of Electrical Engineering from National Tsing Hua University, in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Then, he studied at National Taiwan University (NTU) and obtained his Ph.D working toward Internet-of-Things (IoT) and 5th generation (5G) wireless technologies. Dr. Cheng has solid engineering experience and employed a creative variety of IP applications when working at Mediatek-NTU innovation Lab and Novatek Corporation. As a CIPO, Woody focuses on commercial IPs, linking blockchain with cryptocurrency, IoT, and 5G applications. Now, he serves as a cross-functional coordinator assisting the R&D team and the S&M team with valuable IP insights on the integration of IP with business strategies. Meanwhile, he is in charge of building splendid business alliances with potential blockchain partners, such as co-IP developments, customized ODM/OEM services, and co-brand/co-marketing strategies.

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