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Mint MnemonicX2048 SBT

Set up your SecuX Nifty-X cold wallet and follow instructions to complete the MnemonicX 2048 Soul-bound Token minting process.


Before you start


1. Make sure you have set up your SecuX Nifty wallet.

2. Turn on SecuX Nifty wallet by pressing the power button.

3. Unlock device by entering your personal PIN.

4. Connect device to the SecuX Wallet App for Nifty on mobile device via Bluetooth.



Scan the QR Code


To mint your Soul-bound Token, you can scan the QR Code found on the SBT mint card or visit the MnemonicX 2048 NFT website.


Scan the QR Code


Scan the QR Code and go to MnemonicX 2048 website


Enter Your Email and Mint SBT Now


1. Once on the MnemonicX 2048 NFT website, scroll down to find the email input field.
2. Enter your email address and click on MINT SBT NOW.


Enter Your Email and Mint SBT Now


Connect Your Wallet


1. You will be taken to the MnemonicX 2048 minting site by ASUS Metaverse and SecuX.
2. Click on WalletConnect to connect your SecuX Nifty-X wallet.


Connect Your Wallet-1


3. Open the SecuX Wallet App for Nifty and tap on DApps at the bottom.
4. Select WalletConnect to scan the QR code displayed on the screen.

NOTE: Please ensure that you have set up and connected to the SecuX Wallet App for Nifty.


Connect Your Wallet-2


Connect Your Wallet-3


Select Polygon Network


Choose the Polygon Network and tap I Understand to proceed.

NOTE: Assets sent to the wrong network may be lost and unrecoverable.

Select Polygon Network
Select Polygon Network-2


Scratch and Enter the SBT Mint Code


1. Scratch to reveal the SBT Mint Code.
2. Enter the mint code on the MnemonicX 2048 mint site and click SEND.


Scratch and Enter the SBT Mint Code-1
Scratch and Enter the SBT Mint Code-2


3. A notice box will pop up, tap Confirm after reviewing the information.


Scratch and Enter the SBT Mint Code-3


Welcome to the Metaverse


Congratulations! You've minted your SBT. For more details about the transaction, you can tap on the link Congratulations! Your NFT is ready.







Updated on 17 Feb 2024