Beware of phishing attacks, SecuX will never ask for your 24 word recovery seed phrase. Never share them.

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Before You Start



For Safety



Do not use it in wet locations, such as near a sink, bathtub, or shower stall, and don’t connect or disconnect the device’s USB port with wet hands.

icon 2 Handling


Always handle the device with care. Do not throw, drop, smash the device or engage in any activities that may cause physical damage to the device.

icon 3 Temperature


The device may become warm during charging or normal use. Disconnect immediately when the device if you suspect irregular overheating.

icon 4 Cleaning


A dry and slightly damp soft cloth or cotton can be used for cleaning the surface of the device. Do not use alcohol, other cleaning agents or any abrasive material to clean the device.


For Security


Beware of phishing

Do not use the device if you suspect any illegal activities regarding your laptop/desktop or mobile phone.


Store offline

Do not store or share any security information online such as your PIN, password, recovery seed phrases or crypto assets.


Keep it secure

Do not save your recovery seed phrases on your mobile phone, hard drive or digital storage which may carry risks of malware, damage, loss or theft.


Keep it private

Do not initialize, restore your device, or write down your recovery seed words in a public place where you may be exposed to public viewing and cameras.


Safe place

Keep your recovery sheets in a safe place away from water and fire.


Updated on 05 Mar 2024