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TrendMicro ChainSafer Premium

TrendMicro’s Web3 Scam-Alert Service

Maximize security for your crypto assets with extra protection: TM ChainSafer premium web3 scam-alert service empowered by cybersecurity giant TrendMicro.

The TM ChainSafer Premium service is valid for one year upon its activation.

Main Features:
Summary Web2 Threat Detection
• Risk Level Summary • Web Reputation Service
• Elevated Priviledge warning • HTTPS Certification Check
Web3 Security • Domain Check
• Account (EOA) Check • TrendMicro A.I. Website Scam Detection
• Transaction Scam Rule Check

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Secure Your Web3 Assets with Instant Alert

Web2 Scam Detection

Web3 Transaction Risk Analysis

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Ultimate Web3 Protection

Premium ChainSafer scam-alert service

AI-driven proactive detection

Robust Phishing Guard

Identify phishing websites, and safeguard against malicious hacker attacks.

AI Detection

  • High-risk sign method
  • Suspicious address
  • Malicious contract

Secure Transaction Aid

  • Approve request
  • Risky operation

Why Trend Micro ChainSafer?

Detected Malicious Websites


Fueled by over 30 years of cybersecurity experience and powered by the world’s largest scam database, Trend Micro provides the best protection against malicious and distracting websites.

AI-driven training data


Frequent Questions

ChainSafer reigns supreme in the tech world with the largest malicious database, courtesy of Trendmicro’s historic collection of blocklist data. Stay protected with their unrivaled arsenal against cyber threats.

ChainSafer employs various techniques, including analyzing registration details and utilizing AI, to detect suspicious websites and promptly alert users.

ChainSafer has implemented over 61 detection rules to thoroughly examine methods and queries within the contract. This enables it to identify risk factors and provide real-time alarms for heightened security.

Freemium v.s Premium Account




Risk Level Summary
Elevated Privilege Warning

Web2 Threat Detection

Web Ruputation Service
HTTPS Certification Check
Domain Check
Trend Micro A.I. Website Scam Detection

Web3 Security

Account (EOA) Check
Transaction Scam Rule Check