Hsinchu, Taiwan, December 9th 2020 — SecuX Technology Inc., a blockchain security company, is happy to launch the co-branding partnership with a Brazilian company KriptoBR. A dedicated Booting Logo “Crypto2You” sub-branded by KriptoBR will pop up when booting the device, and a dedicated Sticker on the retail box as well.

There will be 200units limited editions only on the co-branded SecuX STONE W20 for those first come, first serve customers.

KriptoBR in the meantime, released a new website www.crypto2you.com to extend their brilliant services to Pan Latin American users and the customers from the US. They will remain the Portuguese services on www.kriptobr.com.

SecuX STONE W20 is a new hardware wallet that provides secure and convenient storage for cryptocurrencies. With its 2.8″ color touchscreen, ABS hairline back cover, and an Infineon Solid Flash SLE CC EAL 5+ Secure Element embedded inside, it offers maximum protection against cyber and physical attacks. The W20 is also equipped with Dual Connectivity, allowing users to connect the device to a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone via Bluetooth or a USB micro-B cable for transactions. With its 600mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, the W20 can be used for up to 7 hours or stored for up to 6 months as a cold wallet.

The W20 is also easy to use, with a simple setup process that allows users to recover their existing crypto accounts from any hardware, software, or exchange wallet in just 3 minutes. This is thanks to its adoption of the BIP39, BIP42, and BIP44 architecture from Bitcoin.org.

In conclusion, the SecuX STONE W20 is a great example of a crypto wallet, providing users with a secure and convenient way to store their cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re looking to store your coins as a cold wallet or use them for transactions, the W20 offers a reliable and easy-to-use solution.

Users may start ordering SecuX-KriptoBR co-branded W20 on crypto2you.com from today!

SecuX Co Brand with KriptoBR on its Large Screen Crypto Hardware Wallets

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