SecuX, a leading provider of hardware wallet for managing cryptocurrency, has recently introduced their new X-SEED blockchain security product line. The X-SEED, X-SEED PLUS, and X-SEED PRO each offer a comprehensive toolkit for securely backing up your seed phrases or recovery words on stainless steel and aluminum metal sheets. These robust and incombustible metal plates act as a cold wallet to protect your private key and digital assets on the blockchain against water and fire, as well as keeping them offline and away from cyber-attacks and hacking threats. The X-SEED product line is an excellent addition to the SecuX range of hardware wallets, providing an extra layer of protection for crypto wallet users.

Why do I need to back up my recovery seed?

Your recovery seed/ words are the only backup of your private keys. Anyone who gets hold of your recovery seed/ words can gain access to your digital assets and transfer them elsewhere. In the event of loss, theft or damage to your hardware wallet, you can enter your recovery seed/ words into any compatible software or hardware wallet, and regain control of your coins and tokens. So backing up your recovery seed/ words and keeping them in a safe place is an important security measure in safeguarding your digital assets. For how to backup your recovery seed, please visit X-SEED support:

Why is X-SEED the safest way to store recovery seed?

– Fire-proof and water-resistant
1.5mm extremely durable Stainless-steel sheets can resist fire and temperature as high as 2649 °F / 1454 °C; the engraved or stamped letters would not get damaged or washed away by water.

– Unhackable Offline Storage
Your recovery seed is backed up and stored physically offline, off the radar and out of reach from hackers and attackers on the internet.

– Tamper-proof stickers
Included tamper-proof stickers provide an extra layer of security to ensure that the recovery seed is free from any third-party access.

Can I use X-SEED with Metamask or Trust Wallet?

X-SEED offers up to 24 recovery words per sheet, for any software or hardware wallets that use the standard 12, 18 and 24 recovery words. Suitable for wallets such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, Exodus, SecuX hardware wallets, Ledger, Trezor and many more.

Why is X-SEED better than other seed storage?

– Quick and Easy Setup
The industrial grade aluminum sheets only take a few minutes to engrave a full set of crypto seed; the stainless-steel sheets work best with the stamping method, and the 1.5mm thickness prevents any bending or warping.

– Multiple Backup Sets
With the 2 aluminum and 2 stainless-steel seed backups, X-SEED and X-SEED PLUS offer storage for up to 8 wallets/ backup sets of 12 recovery words or 4 wallets/ backup sets of 24 recovery words. X-SEED PRO offers storage for up to 4 wallets/ backup sets of 12 recovery words or 2 wallets/ backup sets of 24 recovery words.

– Specially designed holder
A specially designed, well-crafted holder that is made to measure, provides a perfect space to store your crypto seed in style with a modern crosshatch texture.

X-SEED PRO stainless-steel crypto seed storage system allows users to insert the letter-stamped tiles effortlessly, and the 6mm thickness of multiple sheet structure prevents any bending or warping even under high pressure impact such as an explosion.

X-SEED the original backup kit includes 2 aluminum metal sheets, 2 stainless steel metal plates, an engraver, tamper-resistant stickers and a bespoke card holder.

X-SEED – the Most Secure Backup of Your Crypto SEED and Digital Assets

The X-SEED PLUS offers 1 aluminum metal sheet for engraving, and 3 stainless steel metal plates for high quality stamping with the letter punch set included.

X-SEED – the Most Secure Backup of Your Crypto SEED and Digital Assets

All 3 products and their respective bundle options with SecuX hardware wallets will be available for purchase on SecuX Official Website, Amazon and SecuX official resellers globally as early as January, 2022.

For more product information, please visit

X-SEED – the Most Secure Backup of Your Crypto SEED and Digital Assets


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