SecuX has recently released their latest product, the SecuX Nifty hardware wallet, which is a game-changer in the world of NFTs. This hardware wallet not only provides a secure solution for managing and storing NFTs, but it also displays NFTs directly on the device. The SecuX Nifty hardware wallet is a great example of a cold wallet, which refers to a hardware wallet that is not connected to the internet, and therefore, is immune to hacking attempts. With the accompanying SecuX Wallet App, users can access their NFTs securely and conveniently through their mobile devices, making it a versatile crypto wallet. Overall, the SecuX Nifty hardware wallet is an excellent choice for NFT collectors who want to keep their assets safe and easily accessible.

The Nifty hardware wallet saves your private key offline away from hacking threats, and allows visual confirmation before authorizing transactions on the large 2.8 inch color touchscreen. The SecuX Wallet app for Nifty is specially designed with personalized gallery features, easy management and instant sharing on social platforms.

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SecuX Wallet App for Nifty iOS 1


Nifty google play large1


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