SecuX Official Announcement:

In order to comply with the Ethereum Improvement Proposal EIP-155 Simple replay attack protection, SecuX wallets, SecuX Mobile App and SecuXess web application will be requiring “ChainId” when submitting and authorizing outgoing Ethereum (ETH) transactions starting from May 17, 2021.

“ChainId” was introduced after the split of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, in the Ethereum Improvement Proposal EIP-155, which standardizes how clients handle transaction replay attack protection defines part of the transaction signature, to be calculated from the ChainId.

All users who wish to make ETH transactions must update their SecuX devices to the latest firmware version 2.12 before May 17, 2021. For further instructions on how to update firmware, please visit the following link:

SecuX iOS Mobile App users will be notified of the latest version 1.7.0 to be available for update on or after May 17, 2021.

Schedules for new version update:

EIP-155 Update Firmware Version: 2.12
Release Date: 2021/5/5

EIP-155 Update iOS App Version: 1.7.0
Release Date:2021/5/12