Due to a high number of confusion and misconception that our web application stores customers’ crypto assets, SecuX Technology Inc. has decided to rename the web application from “My Wallet” to “SecuXess” as of 06:00 EDT April 14, 2021, to avoid further misunderstanding of its functions. The current URL https://wallet.secuxtech.com/SecuXcess/ will still be valid and redirected to https://wallet.secuxtech.com/SecuXcess/ for the time being until further notice. Both URLs are securely operated by SecuX Technology Inc.

SecuX provides a comprehensive platform for managing digital assets with its website, web wallet application (SecuXess), and mobile apps (SecuX Mobile App). These interactive platforms allow users to execute important commands like sending, receiving, and managing digital assets, and synchronize their balances and transaction history with their private key. However, it’s important to note that SecuX does not store any private keys, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, funds, or personal information.

When it comes to protecting one’s digital assets, there are various types of crypto wallets available, including hardware wallets, cold wallets, and crypto wallet. Hardware wallets are considered to be the safest option for long-term holders and investors. They provide an offline and independent storage solution, making them less susceptible to hacking attacks. On the other hand, a cold wallet is similar to a hardware wallet in terms of security, but they require more effort to access.

In comparison, SecuX website, web wallet application, and mobile apps are considered to be crypto wallets that offer convenience and mobility. They allow users to easily manage their digital assets and perform transactions on-the-go. However, as they are connected to the internet, they are more vulnerable to hacking attacks compared to hardware and cold wallets. Overall, SecuX provides a user-friendly platform for managing digital assets and offers a good balance between security and convenience.

Please email help@secuxtech.com for further questions and inquiries.