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First NFT-branded Hardware Wallet: Teahouse HighTable x SecuX Nifty Special Edition Partnership


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First NFT-branded Hardware Wallet – Teahouse HighTable x SecuX Nifty Special Edition Partnership

First NFT-branded Hardware Wallet: Teahouse HighTable x SecuX Nifty Special Edition Partnership

After the disruptive proposal and execution of several hugely successful “NFT Fair Launch” projects like Zombie Club, Zoofrenz and Elysium, Teahouse Finance is once again raising the bar for the NFT scene, by offering its select Teahouse HighTable NFT holders a special co-branded limited edition of SecuX Nifty hardware wallets.

HighTable is a series of NFTs launched by Teahouse Finance, a highly technical team skilled in DeFi, GameFi and NFT smart contracts. Considering the recent spike of crypto and NFT-related thefts and scams, Teahouse partnered with the blockchain security solution provider, SecuX, and its latest NFT-focused hardware wallet, SecuX Nifty, to pioneer this unique collaboration in securing crypto assets for Teahouse VIPs.

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As the world’s first and only hardware wallet that can display NFT artworks on the device itself, SecuX Nifty features a 2.8 inch color touchscreen display, to enable clear-view signing, personalized gallery, and an Infineon Secure Element chip to ensure a safe adventure in the Metaverse. The Teahouse HighTable x SecuX Nifty wallet has the iconic HighTable graphics printed on its exterior, and a customized branded initializing screen when you turn on the device. (Pre-order now)

First NFT-branded Hardware Wallet: Teahouse HighTable x SecuX Nifty Special Edition Partnership

Teahouse Finance plans to launch two HighTable NFT collections in May, including 99 OGs for institutional investors and 5566 VIPs for individuals. Holders can invest in the Teahouse DeFi platform, receive whitelists and investment opportunities in future GameFi & NFT partner projects, as well as vote on various Teahouse decisions. A combination of whitelists and lottery will be employed when minting to help mitigate gas wars and “scientists,” allowing truly passionate supporters to become proud HighTable NFT holders, and to take part in the future operations of Teahouse DAO.

The Teahouse HighTable x SecuX Nifty wallets will be redeemable via SecuX official web store. All HighTable NFT holders will also be able to purchase the limited edition with a special offer. For further information, or how to get onboard, join Teahouse’s Discord channel, and get ready for a wild ride.


About Teahouse Finance

A graduate of Binance Labs and first place winner of the TRON Global Accelerator competition, Teahouse Finance is an experienced technical team backed by world-class VCs. At its core, Teahouse is a DeFi platform and tools developer, focusing on solving “concentrated liquidity provision” using its in-house back-testing simulator to optimize LP price range for maximum capital efficiency. 

Teahouse believes that DeFi, NFT, and GameFi are different manifestations of the same ecosystem, and devotes itself to its growth. Creator of the “NFT Fair Launch” concept, Teahouse integrates Chainlink and partners with blue-chip NFT projects as their smart contract advisor. For more information, go to:  


About SecuX

SecuX Technology Inc. is a Blockchain Security Company devoted to developing comprehensive solutions to secure valuable digital assets through blockchain technology. SecuX offers products including vault-grade cryptocurrency and NFT hardware wallets, crypto seed backup solutions, and payment solutions for merchants. 


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