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SecuX Nifty Worlds First NFT focused Hardware Wallet Unveils at Bitcoin 2022 Miami and Paris NFT Day PBWS

SecuX Nifty: World’s First NFT-focused Hardware Wallet Unveils at Bitcoin 2022 Miami and Paris NFT Day/ PBWS

SecuX Nifty: World’s First NFT-focused Hardware Wallet Unveils at Bitcoin 2022 Miami and Paris NFT Day/ PBWS

Crypto and blockchain security expert SecuX has announced the launch of SecuX Nifty, the world’s first ever hardware wallet that is specially designed for NFT collectors. The much anticipated SecuX Nifty features viewing and signing functions that upgrades security levels for high-value digital assets such as NFTs, will debut at the world’s biggest Bitcoin event in Miami Beach, USA this week, followed by Europe’s renowned Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS), and its first Paris NFT Day.

SecuX Nifty is a comprehensive security solution for NFT collectors to safely manage, store and show off their precious collections. First amongst its peers, the hardware wallet not only saves the private key offline away from hacking threats, but also allows the NFT image to be downloaded, viewed and confirmed on the device before authorizing transactions on the large 2.8 inch color touchscreen. The SecuX Nifty App features personalized gallery viewing options, coins and tokens management, and easy access for buying and trading on popular marketplaces and DeFi applications such as Opensea and Rarible.

The tech startup will be showing its crypto security solutions including the cutting-edge SecuX Nifty, award-winning hardware wallets SecuX V20, W20 and W10, and stainless-steel seed storage system X-SEED from April 6-9 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Booth#1200, as well as Europe’s Paris NFT Day and Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS) on April 12-14, in the glamorous former stock exchange, Palais Brongniart in Paris, France.

Self-custodial Security & True Ownership

Crypto-related crime surged to a record high of $14 billion worth of illegal digital assets in 2021, up 79% from $7.8 billion in 2020. Many of the hacks and thefts occurred on an institutional level such as marketplace platforms where system vulnerabilities became the center of the attack. The level of security measures and awareness rises as a result, which motivated SecuX to continue developing and provide self-custodial and decentralized solutions for our users’ peace of mind.

Vault-grade Security

All SecuX wallets are embedded with military-grade Infineon Solid Flash CC EAL 5+ Secure Element chip, where the private key is stored offline against potential risks and hacking threats.

On-device Clear-view Signing

Unlike most hardware wallets on the market, SecuX Nifty is the first and only device that allows viewing and display of NFT images that is truly owned by the private key stored within. Visualize NFT collection and sign with confidence on the 2.8 inch large color touchscreen for each outgoing transaction.

Easy Buy and Trade

Compatible and quick access to NFT marketplaces and DeFi applications such as Opensea, Rarible, Pancakeswap, etc. makes buying and selling a breeze.

Personalized Gallery

Customize viewing options, personalize your gallery and show off your favorite NFTs on the device.

Multichain Coins and Tokens Support

Supports NFT tokens and cryptocurrency on multiple chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and more to come in future updates.

Customized Casing for NFT Projects

With strong supply chain management and flexible design capability, SecuX can also offer tailor made Nifty wallets for NFT projects to create unique and one-of-a-kind devices for your very special NFT.


About SecuX

SecuX Technology Inc. is a Blockchain Security Company devoted to developing comprehensive solutions to secure valuable digital assets through blockchain technology. SecuX offers products including vault-grade cryptocurrency and NFT hardware wallets, crypto seed backup solutions, and payment solutions for merchants. 

Founded in 2018, SecuX core competence relies on a group of experienced professionals from various fields such as information security, blockchain technology, FinTech, electrical engineering, and international business management. After being awarded the Best Cross-Platform Crypto Hardware Wallet by CV Magazine, SecuX launched the world’s first revolutionary crypto payment solution, Stream, which offers fast deployment and lower operation costs to support payment service brands for all kinds of scenarios. SecuX will continue to focus on problem solving and apply blockchain technology in daily life.

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