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New Features Release

New Features Release: WalletConnect, BSC and ADA support on July 29, 2021

SecuX Technology Inc., Taipei, Taiwan and Düsseldorf, Germany

SecuX Technology Inc. is proud to announce the much-anticipated new features including support of WalletConnect, Binance Smart Chain BSC and Cardano ADA, to be released on July 29, 2021, along with the brand new user interface makeover of our SecuXess web application. The new support allows SecuX wallet users to access a wide range of DeFi Apps such as Opensea and Uniswap, the receiving, sending and staking of Cardano ADA and BEP-20 tokens.

Release schedule

New FeaturesSecuXess (WEB)SecuX Mobile App (iOS)SecuX Mobile App (Android)Device Firmware Requirement
Brand New User InterfaceMCU firmware version 2.13 or later
BSC support
ADA support
Ada Portal (WEB)

Ada Portal (WEB)
MCU firmware version 2.13 or later
SE firmware version 1.87
WalletConnect for Ethereum
iOS App 1.8.0
MCU firmware version 2.13 or later

While BSC and Cardano ADA support is only available on SecuXess web application, WalletConnect is only supported on the iOS App for iOS mobile device access. All features require users to connect their SecuX hardware wallet to computer via USB, and perform a firmware update (MCU firmware version 2.13 or later) as well as an SE update (SE version 1.87 for Cardano Ada users) procedure on the SecuXess web application with Chrome browser. The latest MCU and SE firmware versions will be available for update starting from July 29, 2021, 06:00 EST. For detailed instructions on how to update firmware please click here.

SecuXess Login

SecuXess Login Page

FWupdate image

SecuXess MCU Firmware Update Page

Ada Portal is our newly launched platform dedicated to the receiving, sending and staking of Cardano ADA. It is accessed via the SecuXess web application, and connection verification will be required while switching from one to the other for extra security measures. Note that your Cardano ADA portfolio will only be shown and managed on Ada Portal, the SecuX hardware wallet will be used for verifying and authorizing transactions, and will not show account balances. A detailed step-by-step guide for managing Cardano ADA can be found at How it works – Ada Portal.

Ada Login page

Ada Portal Login Page

Ada account page

Ada Portal Account Page

The new WalletConnect feature also requires the latest version of the SecuX Mobile App (App version 1.8.0) After you update your wallet on SecuXess web application, disconnect from the USB cable and enable Bluetooth function on the wallet as well as your mobile phone or tablet, login to your SecuX Mobile App and proceed to App update. For further tutorials on how to use WalletConnect, please visit our online user guide at How it works – WalletConnect. Note that this version only allows WalletConnect support for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens; WalletConnect support for BSC BEP-20 tokens will be released in the next update.


WalletConnect supports connections to hundreds of DeFi Apps from your SecuX wallet

Uniswap image

WalletConnect operation on iOS SecuX Mobile App

Firmware Update to MCU version 2.13 will be available from (06:00 EST, July 29th, 2021)
Update includes: 1. ADA, BSC and BEP-20 token support. 2. Sign message and EIP712 support. 3. Chain ID support for ETH and BSC. 4. Refine SE upgrade flow.

Secure Element (SE) Update to version 1.87 will be available from (06:00 EST, July 29th, 2021)
Update includes: 1. Cardano ADA support.

iOS update to version 1.8.0 will be available from (06:00 EST, July 29th, 2021)
Update includes: 1. WalletConnect support. 2. UIUX improvement. 3. Bug fix.

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