Crypto wallet technology can be complicated to understand. Look at it like this: cryptocurrency is digital money, and digital money requires wallets as well to store and send your funds. There are various types of crypto wallets, all of which we have covered before, but now there’s an extra layer to choosing a suitable one. Is it an EVM wallet? Better yet, is it an EVM cold wallet?

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Intro to the Ethereum Virtual Machine

Intro to the Ethereum Virtual Machine

Before we talk about an EVM wallet, we have to learn about what an EVM is. EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine, which can be seen as a decentralized master computer on the Ethereum blockchain that carries out complex smart contracts and helps with the creation of decentralized apps (dApps) that can easily be ported to other blockchains thanks to EVM’s multi-chain support.

What is an EVM Wallet?

An EVM wallet is a wallet that supports the EVM. You are able to add blockchains to the wallet as long as it can run the EVM (EVM blockchains). Doing so will enable you to use the same crypto address on various blockchains. EVM blockchains are also more efficient, have lower costs.

Types of Wallets

There are different types of crypto wallets, many with multi-chain compatibility and various layers of security. We have an in-depth article that goes into what each type offers and what the differences are. To sum up, the best and most secure type is cold wallets, ones that are offline, meaning they do not connect to the Internet.

Cold wallets greatly minimize and eliminate the chances of online threats that could compromise your digital funds. Knowing this, it makes sense that your best option is an EVM-compatible cold wallet.

Why Do You Need an EVM-Compatible Cold Wallet?

Why Do You Need an EVM-Compatible Cold Wallet?

There are benefits to using an EVM blockchain-compatible wallet such as:

  • Having 500 accounts for hundreds of EVM blockchains
  • There is no need to download additional apps (so you save time and reduce the hassle of managing multiple apps)
  • Not having to download multiple apps also reduces the learning curve and time for users, boosting the user experience overall

Our EVM-Compatible Cold Wallets

We’re not going to leave you without any options. SecuX has EVM wallet options that have multi-chain support. Still not sure how these wallets works? Check out more info about it here. Here are our top ones:

SecuX V20

SecuX V20

Our V20 features a unique shape with the same large touchscreen and secure chip as the SecuX Nifty, the world’s first NFT hardware wallet. The V20 is compatible with mobile devices and computers, made easier with Bluetooth and USB dual connectivity.

What tokens can you use with the V20? The vault-grade V20 cold wallet that supports EVM blockchain options also supports over 10,000 coins and tokens.

SecuX W20

SecuX W20

Next up is our SecuX W20, which features military-grade Infineon Secure Element chip and supports coins, tokens and NFTs. Have the device on-the-go with you or use it at home as it supports both mobile and computer use. The 2.8-inch color touchscreen minimizes the learning curve and makes everything accessible at your fingertips.

SecuX W10

SecuX W10

The W10 is our best-for-value wallet and it is still embedded with all the military-grade security features we see in our other options. These features even surpass those we see in traditional banking institutions to keep your assets safe from online hacks.

The EVM wallet supports various computer operating systems to make your life easier and it even has a micro-B USB connection.


What is an EVM?

EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine, which is the heart of the Ethereum blockchain. The EVM is responsible for carrying out complex smart contracts, helps with developing decentralized apps, and it also computes the state of the blockchain.

Are all crypto wallets EVM blockchain-compatible?

No, not every crypto wallet is an EVM wallet. There are many out there that will not give you the usability of all the EVM blockchains.


When you’re looking for an EVM wallet, make sure it is a cold wallet for optimum security. The wallet should have multi-chain support and an intuitive interface. No one likes a steep learning curve, especially for something that can be quite difficult to grasp, such as web3 and its technologies. You can’t go wrong with SecuX’s line of EVM-compatible cold wallets.

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