Most of us know what a QR code is, but what do the first two letters stand for? QR stands for Quick Response, which is exactly what the little square barcode allows us to do. These codes are unique and can be scanned with devices such as our smartphones and direct us to or pull up information.

The pattern that we see as a random design is actually encoded data that your device extracts. It was first used in the automotive industry and now it has become an integral part of crypto wallets.

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A Quick Look Into MetaMask

MetaMask, like SecuX, is a crypto wallet. It also has a browser extension (Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Opera) that makes it easy for users to transact with decentralized exchanges (dApps). MetaMask works with the Ethereum blockchain, and acts as a bridge between the browser and the chain.

The MetaMask QR Code

The MetaMask QR code is a representation of a MetaMask wallet address. When you scan this QR code, it automatically relays the wallet information to an application.

SecuX’s V20 and W20 feature MetaMask integration with QR codes. With this added function, SecuX users can effortlessly log into dApps for an unparalleled user experience. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to seamless access!

With MetaMask as a buffer between your wallet and the transactions you make, it’s also more secure for you to navigate DAOs, metaverses, DEXs, and more.

Why We Need the MetaMask QR Code

If you’re sold on the security and efficiency aspects, then check out how to connect to MetaMask using your SecuX wallet here. If you’re still not sure about what it can offer, let us break it down for you.


  • Transactions are faster. All it takes is a quick scan of the QR code.
  • A variety of use cases. You can do so much so quickly by having a QR code such as receiving payments, sending wallet details, and interacting with decentralized apps.
  • More security. Using a browser extension can help you avoid scams. It will also ensure you are directed to the right web address to avoid phishing.
  • Eliminate the chances of human errors. Typos happen, and that’s okay – most of the time. These errors are much more serious when it comes to inputting someone’s wallet address and account details because they can result in a loss of funds or transaction failure.
  • A simplified process. Are you new to the crypto world and not too sure how everything works? Just scan the QR code and the hard part is done! This greatly lowers the entry bar for those who are unfamiliar with this technology and helps with onboarding.


  • A slight learning curve. There is still a chance some people are not familiar with the QR code format and how to scan it.
  • You need to have compatible devices. Only devices that have the ability to scan QR code images can provide the benefits.
  • Quality of the code. If the code is poorly generated, it could result in data corruption or failed transactions.
  • Public access. Like private keys, you should keep your QR code safe. Anyone who scans the code will have access to your information such as your wallet address and transaction history. However, the person will not have access to your private information.


There is no debate that using a QR code to link wallets to your MetaMask account provides a lot of conveniences. Transactions are sped up and simplified and the learning curve for new users has greatly decreased. However, it’s important to note that there are still drawbacks. QR codes generated by the MetaMask wallet will be error-free and work well with SecuX V20 and W20 wallets.

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