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There are a lot of crypto wallets out there and plenty of decentralized apps, or dApps for short. The problem with decentralized technology such as that used for blockchains is interoperability. Not only that, there is a higher learning threshold for those who are not as technology-savvy, to understand how to connect wallets to dApps and exchanges.

WalletConnect and its upgraded version (WalletConnect 2.0) bring a solution to these issues, but weโ€™ve got something that pushes it even further.

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What is DApp Connect and Why is It Important?

The purpose of the SecuX-exclusive DApp Connect is to improve the user experience of all those who hold SecuX wallets. The new feature works with our V20, W10, W20, and Nifty models. With DApp Connect, users will be able to connect to dApp websites more seamlessly.

DApp Connect provides a very important function specifically โ€“ transaction simulation. While the feature also brings plenty of other benefits, this one stands out. Users can preview and assess the behavior of transactions before they are authorized on the blockchain.

DApp Connect is important because it will provide increased security and protection, cost savings on gas fees, seamless integration with dApp websites, account, and blockchain network switching. It can overall simplify integration for dApp companies and bring more competitiveness.

How Does It Work?

DApp Connect needs to work with WalletConnect 2.0 or the Gnosis Safe protocol (the most trusted decentralized custody protocol) to function. The name is DApp Connect, and the game is being an asset keeper.

It works by allowing users to preview the behavior of a transaction before it is confirmed on the blockchain. It does this by providing interpretations of the transaction, giving users a clear understanding of how it will look on the chain.

This preview helps users ensure that the transaction will mirror their expectations and avoids potential issues or even fraud. Because of this users can make informed decisions, and even save money on gas fees by avoiding transactions that may be reverted on-chain (making you lose your gas fees).

Overall, the feature enhances transaction security and provides a more convenient and transparent user experience.

SecuX Exclusive DApp Connect Function

Who can use DApp Connect? Anyone who holds cryptocurrency, has crypto wallets and uses decentralized applications in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Our feature allows users to securely sign transactions with the security of their private keys ensured. Account and blockchain network switching capabilities will only improve dApp-wallet interoperability.

Companies using the same interface as MetaMask will now have an easier time with integration and enjoy comprehensive bridging capabilities. On top of everything, DApp Connect aims to be the asset gatekeeper, keeping security at a maximum by checking the security of DApp websites, and alerting users to risky transactions before signing.

What DApp Connect Aims to Bring

Letโ€™s take a quick look at the benefits of DApp Connect integration.


  • DApp website connection and transaction signing
  • Enhanced interoperability and switching capabilities
  • Real-time asset change display โ€“ see how assets will be affected by a transaction before confirming
  • Comprehensive bridging capabilities
  • Asset gatekeeper โ€“ a safeguard by verifying the security of DApp websites and alerting users to potential risks before transaction confirmation


  • Increased transaction security
  • Protection from fraudulent transactions
  • Previews can reduce the possibility of the transaction being reverted to avoid the user wasting fees for reverted smart contracts
  • More informed decision-making
  • Seamless integration with dApp websites
  • Convenient account and blockchain network switching
  • Enhanced security for private keys and transactions
  • Simplified integration for dApp companies
  • Real-time asset change display (see the change before signing)
  • Comprehensive bridging capabilities
  • Secure interactions through the asset gatekeeper feature

SecuX Wallets VS Others

In the current landscape of crypto wallets, there are noticeable gaps in both security and user experience. SecuX wallets stand out by identifying and addressing these issues to enhance overall security and user satisfaction.

SecuX products provide greater security due to their hardware nature. Our wallets ensure that your private key is securely stored in hardware devices, reducing the risk of attacks. We also focus on providing the best user experience with our sleek design, touchscreen functions, and dedication to security.

DApp Connect Timeline

Our development plan consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1 (1 month) โ€“ Establish the infrastructure for dApp website interoperability and gather user behavior information.
Phase 2 (2 months) โ€“ Enhance the user experience with improved asset display and interface design.
Phase 3 (2 months) โ€“ Develop bridging capabilities for easy DApp integration.


DApp Connect is a value-added service that aims to provide increased security, cost savings, and a competitive edge in the hardware wallet market. Users will have the ability to preview transaction behavior, enhancing security and protecting against fraudulent transactions. With real-time asset change display and seamless integration with DApp websites, users can make informed decisions and enjoy a convenient and secure transaction signing experience.

Platforms That Can Support DApp Connect

Here is a list of platforms that can help users have a seamless experience on DApp Connect.

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