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Set up a New V20 Wallet

We'll guide you step-by-step on how to set up a new SecuX V20 wallet.

SecuX V20 hardware wallet


Power on


1. Hold down the power button for at least 2 seconds.

2. Release the power button as soon as the screen lights up and SecuX logo appears on the screen.

3. Read our welcome message, and press GET STARTED.

NOTE: The wallet needs to be charged for at least 2 hours prior to setup.

SecuX V20 power on


PIN Setup


1. Please enter a 4-8 digit PIN number and press NEXT.

2. Enter your 4-8 digit PIN number again to confirm.

NOTE: Avoid including the following items in your PIN: Simple number sequences like 1234 or 0000. Sequences of repeated numbers like 1122 or 2233. Significant dates, such as your birth year or spouse’s birthday.


SecuX V20 PIN Setup


Create Device Name


1. Create a name for your device with 1-15 upper and lowercase English letters.

2. Press NEXT.

NOTE: The name will be used for recognizing the device during Bluetooth pairing or USB connection.


SecuX V20 Create Device Name


Set up as a New Wallet


1. Press YES to set up the device as a new wallet.

2. Read the IMPORTANT NOTICE and press CONTINUE.


SecuX V20 Set up as a New Wallet


Write Down Your Unique 24 Recovery Seed Phrases


1. The device begins to generate your 24 recovery seed phrases.

2. The device displays 6 phrases at a time, write them down in the correct order on your recovery sheets, and press NEXT.

3. After writing down all 24 seed phrases, press NEXT.

IMPORTANT: In the event of theft, loss or damage to the device, you can always recover your digital assets with your unique 24 recovery seed phrases. Make sure your recovery sheets are stored in a safe and secure place away from potential risks.


SecuX V20 Write Down Your Unique 24 Recovery Seed Phrases


Confirm Your Unique 24 Recovery Seed Phrases


1. The device asks you to confirm all 24 seed phrases by giving you 24 multiple-choice questions.

2. Select the correct seed phrases according to the recovery sheet which you have just written down.

IMPORTANT: If you failed to confirm more than 5 recovery seed phrases, the device will automatically go back to STEP 4 in order to generate a new set of 24 recovery seed phrases.


SecuX V20 Confirm Your Unique 24 Recovery Seed Phrases




Your hardware wallet is ready!




Updated on 01 Apr 2024